TrueVault Launches on Demo Day with $2.5M in Seed Funding

March 29th, 2014

Congratulations to our newest and first-ever tech client, TrueVault, for raising 2.5 million dollars in angel funding, with the mission to make headlines about data breaches a thing of the past. Headquartered in Mountain View, California, TrueVault is a privacy and security company founded by Jason Wang and Trey Swann that has been forged in the crucible of Y Combinator training over the last three months.

The first market addressed by TrueVault is the $3 trillion healthcare space, with their platform making it easy for apps to become HIPAA compliant. Timing could not be better, as the recent change in healthcare law has extended regulatory compliance to an additional 2 million companies. By providing the protected platform, TrueVault enables the creation of a whole new category of apps to create a secure information bridge between doctor and patient.  With the data breaches in the corporate market hitting an all-time high, this secure link between these companies and the real people who use them on a daily basis goes beyond necessity to inevitability.  With this first round of funding and excitement about the company, TrueVault is poised to be the provider for that solution.