OFF MAIN ST. Returns with Episode 2 Featuring MIDLAKE in DENTON, TX

November 18th, 2013

Off Main St. returns with the exclusive Rolling Stone premiere of Episode 2 starring Midlake. Part music show and part travel show, the second installment of the new long-format series follows the experimental rockers as they take us into their ‘analog’ hometown of Denton, TX and the electric independent music scene it breeds.

Off Main St. explores Midlake’s relationship to the place of their humble origins, where old town Americana and used record-slash-bookstores linger on. From the band’s venture to open Paschall Bar, their own watering hole in town; to the university where they picked up their jazz influences; to their personal studio, where the guys shed some light on the half-decade spent recording, erasing, and re-recording what would become their latest release, Antiphon – we travel to see what led Midlake to create their own musical history in Denton.

And of course, the locals-only tour comes with stellar performance footage of Midlake unleashing the beautifully ethereal sounds off Antiphon at their favorite hometown venue, Dan’s Silver Leaf.

The brainchild of our friend Dilly Gent (From The Basement), each episode of Off Main St. introduces music fans to a band on the cusp of a breakout moment with a hometown performance and a band-guided tour of the local haunts they frequent after taking the stage.  Off Main St. gives viewers an all-access look at the most up-and-coming musical talent out there now, taking music fans back to the bygone days of sharing new music on mix tapes and hanging with the band after the show.