ELIAS ARTS Scores a Moustached Alien Invasion with “The Power Inside”

August 8th, 2013

Elias Arts teams up with Pereira & O’Dell, Intel, and Toshiba USA for the follow-up edition of the hit social film saga “The Beauty Inside.” Shot by Furlined directors Speck and Gordon of Blades of Glory fame, the trailer teases the third episodic campaign release called  “The Power Inside” by inviting the viewer to audition to be in the film.

Elias created the complete score for “The Power Inside,” which follows Harvey Keitel, Craig Roberts, Analeigh Tipton, Reid Ewing and Zack Pearlman in the campy tale of an atypical zombie alien invasion. Indeed, Earth is invaded by a race of extraterrestrial mustaches and unibrows who take over the upper lips and eyes of people, thus gaining zombie access to their brains.  And you thought mustaches were just a trend.

The first of six episodes launches August 15th on www.thepowerinside.com