ÜBER’s ELIOT RAUSCH Scores an Emotional Touchdown for UNDER ARMOUR

August 6th, 2013

Über Content’s Eliot Rausch brings Baltimore Ravens franchise icon Ray Lewis’ inspiring vision to life for Under Armour. The long-form #IWILL campaign centerpiece “Ready for August”  depicts the journey of Baltimore’s inner-city high school football players in competition with one another, packed with an empowering message from the Ravens linebacker who knows a thing or two about drive.

Rausch’s signature brand of emotion-driven storytelling made him the clear choice to take viewers onto the field, highlighting the pure drive and endurance of the young athlete’s physical efforts, as narrator Ray Lewis recounts the single-minded tenacity of his own journey. It is in these raw, unfiltered moments that Rausch gives viewers an understanding of how fierce the inner-squad competition can be when you’re reaching within yourself to find the edge that sets you above the rest.  Eliot Rausch ultimately asks sports fans and non-fans alike to turn the lens onto themselves and ask, “What makes me different?”