OFF MAIN ST. Launches! EPISODE 1 Hits the Streets of L.A. with THUNDERCAT

July 1st, 2013

We couldn’t be prouder to be a part of Dilly Gent’s latest endeavor with the debut of her new long-format music series, Off Main St.  Part music-show, part travel-show, each episode of Off Main St. introduces viewers to a band on the cusp of a breakout moment with an all-access look at a hometown performance and a band-guided tour of the local places that have defined them.

Off Main St. brings Dilly’s reputation for discovering up-and-coming-music directly to you, the viewer, with the release of the debut episode featuring Los Angeles-bred bass virtuoso Thundercat.  Dilly brought Raconteur on to help strategize on the marketing, branding, and release of the show.

Witness Thundercat’s intimate performance on the eve of the release of his second solo album, Apocalypse, as he brings down the famed Echoplex with his indefinable, spectral sound.  Show footage is interspersed with a peek into soundcheck and a day-in-the-life of the Los Angeles native, who lets us in on his musical influences and personal inspirations as he takes us to the hidden corners of our fair city.  Thundercat reflects on the connection to his superhero namesake with a visit to Meltdown Comics; shows us “the best thing that could’ve ever happened to L.A.” (Ameoba Records, naturally); and brings us into the lair of Hollywood’s bespoke hat man, Gunner Foxx.

Head over to Off Main Street’s awesome [Funkhaus]( site to get your dose of Thundercat as he prepares for the Apocalypse and gives you a personally-guided tour of LA’s beat scene.

What more could a music lover wish for?