From Tween to Twerk: DIANE MARTEL Unleashes MILEY CYRUS’s “We Can’t Stop”

June 23rd, 2013

Miley Cyrus has been steadily been shedding her former good-girl persona, but the release of her Diane Martel-directed music video for “We Can’t Stop” steps the sexy image-overhaul into overdrive.  The Black Dog director ignited the internet with her clip of candy-colored excess, full of surreal scenes from an outrageous house party.

Some of our personal highlights from Miley’s trippy rager: the former Disney star mean-mugging and making out with a doll in a pool, taxidermied animals, a piñata filled with hot dogs, French-fry skulls, massive teddy bears as backpacks, and crotch-canons.  Most shocking of all is the 20-year old former Hannah Montana grinding on all fours, and twerking overtime in tight, white leggings – the visual equivalent of the pop star’s self-signed Declaration of Independence.