“THE STORY OF I” Gets a Happy Ending with THE EBELING GROUP

June 21st, 2013

Wendy’s and The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption Canada have teamed up to promote adoption awareness with the website thisisthestoryofi.com and accompanying campaign video.

The touching film project was produced by The Ebeling Group, with the support of pro-bono services from MacLaren McCann, Cadux, and Grayson Matthews Music & Sound.  The Ebeling Group enlisted Brazilian director Cadux to craft a memorable piece inspired by the original song that illustrates the feelings of foster children awaiting adoption and the joy of finally finding a permanent home where they can thrive and grow.

Formatted as a 2-minute animated music video, “The Story of I’” follows the journey of  “I” – a lonely orphan who wishes for love and finally finds it when he is adopted by new parents “F” and “M.” Together, along with an “A,” “L” and “Y” – they become a complete family unit.  The director was particularly focused on the powerful moment in when ‘I’ first meets his future parents. Cadux says, “I wanted to make it feel like among all the people in the world you will find that special one”

The collaborative campaign shines a spotlight on an issue that can feel overwhelming and unsolvable in a dynamic, sincere way; a meaningful step toward inspiring Canadians to consider the life-changing possibility of giving one of the 30,000 parentless children the chance to spell out f-a-m-i-l-y.

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