Shadowing LAURA WELSH’s “Cold Front”

June 14th, 2013

Interpretative dance takes center stage in Laura Welsh’s new music video for “Cold Front” directed and edited by directing duo Daniel Cloud Campos & Tamara Levinson-Campos.  Commissioned by Dilly Gent and produced by Doomsday Entertainment, the black and white visuals bring a perfect simplicity to the synth patterns and reverb-ridden percussion track produced by sexy-sound maker, Rhye’s Robin Hannibal.

The British songstress’ choreography-centric video centers on modern dancing to interpret the song’s theme of losing control of ones emotions. It’s a stunning performance piece that moves with the track’s soul-pop sound, as we see her being toyed with by shadowy hands, placed in pitch black enveloping sheets, has sand and paint thrown at her, and finally, be submerged in a pool of cleansing water.