UBER CONTENT Gets Cheeky for DOLLAR SHAVE CLUB’s Product #2

June 13th, 2013

Uber Content’s Lucia Aniello reunites with Dollar Shave Club’s funny-man CEO Michael Dubin and this time they’re getting reallll cheeky.

Lucia directs the new promo to announce the mail-order subscription service will be expanding the scope of its bathroom service offerings with a fresh, non-shave product: flushable toilet wipes for men.  After uncovering research that revealed 51% of men use flushable wipes, Dubin saw the opportunity to create a product that isn’t generally marketed to men (conversely, for babies), and is usually hidden from display in the bathroom. The Dollar Shave Club solution: One Wipe Charlies, a package of 40 wipes that costs $4 for a monthly delivery.

For the DSC’s unlikely foray into the rear market, Aniello and Dubin stuck with the irreverent deadpan humor from the start-up’s original 90-second pitch that had media outlets like Time, Fast Company and AdWeek praising the viral ad for its razor-sharp wit.  Calling on their improv days with Upright Citizens Brigade, Lucia and Dubin wax eloquently about “all this fancy butt stuff” with just the right amount of nonsense, pitching the DSC’s dude wipe as, “the softest, fastest, manliest way to wipe your ass.”