UBER CONTENT Gets Brutally Honest for ESPN Radio

April 23rd, 2013

Uber Content’s Chris Hooper has directed a trio of ads for ESPN Radio that shows fans what happens when the station’s top sports talk show hosts take their candid honesty outside of the ESPN studio and into real life. Showcasing the host’s no-nonsense personalities at the expense of innocent bystanders, Hooper makes us laugh so hard that even the less-than-sports-inclined will want to tune in.

In “Date,” Scott Van Pelt and Ryen Russillo let poor Carl know that the girl he wants to ask out is way out of his league; determining him as a “four,” – no, a “three and a half,” to save him the embarrassment of being shot down by a legit ten.  ESPN Radio’s Mike & Mike in the Morning take their usual debates to the dinner table. – with Mike Greenberg reviewing Mike Golic’s mothers’ mashed “Potatoes” as he would a game,  going so far as to rank Aunt Edna’s signature dish, “second string potatoes.”  And then there’s poor Checkers. In “Dog,”  Colin Cowherd lets a neighbor know that his pet isn’t all that special, demoting Checkers to a “serviceable family dog.” The neighbor’s crestfallen expression proves that brutal honesty is great on the air of ESPN sports talk shows, but in real-life – maybe it’s better not to say anything at all.