WENDY MORGAN Directs a Soulful Stomp for LAURA MVULA

April 22nd, 2013

British singer Laura Mvula has teamed up with the master of the dance video, director Wendy Morgan, to create a visual as vibrant as the thumping rhythms of her third single “That’s Alright.” Singing with the soul of a modern-day Nina Simone, Mvula dances along to the jazzy, 40’s vibe tempo with a posse of incredible male dancers. The Believe Media director embraces the defiant spirit of the track, framing shots that play against the contrast of colors throughout the house.

At one point, Mvula enters a dark world wearing a striking red dress, where she sings a fierce proclamation of self-love, “I will never be what you want and that’s alright, / Cause my skin ain’t light and my body ain’t tight.”  The beautiful, energetic visuals unlock the self-affirming message of the song, celebrating all those that march – or dance – to the beat of their own drum.