Dance-Off: Beyoncé vs. Beyoncé for Pepsi’s Global “Mirrors” Campaign

April 5th, 2013

When Beyoncé speaks, the world listens. We’ve been listening for over a decade now – from the pre-millennial days of “Bills, Bills, Bills.” Since that Destiny’s Child era, we’ve followed – nay, studied – her reign, chiming in on the great debate of Beyoncé as Brand, and watching her post-baby body shake the power out of the Superdome.

The R&B diva furthers her living legacy with the first commercial of her lucrative global marketing campaign with Pepsi. The debut spot, created by agency 180 LA, opens with Queen B rehearsing new dance choreography alone in a mirrored studio. The pop star takes a swig from the blue can, which acts as a catalyst for visions of memorable incarnations throughout her career to appear in the mirrors around her.  A dance battle ensues; there’s “Bootylicious” Beyoncé, “Crazy in Love” Beyoncé, “Single Ladies” Beyoncé, and a fearless Sasha Fierce going toe-to-toe. Yet, most powerful is contemporary Bey who encourages us to, “Embrace your past, but live for now.”

Believe Media’s Jake Nava directed the promo, who previously collaborated with Beyoncé on some of her most iconic videos, “Crazy in Love” and “Single Ladies,” which she revisits in the ad. Though the spot chronicles these past personas, Bey reminds us that she’s all grown up now, using the commercial to unveil her new Timbaland-produced track, “Grown Woman.”

It’s a brilliant marketing move for Pepsi, attaching Beyonce’s most memorable moments to the drink brand.  Most importantly, they endorse her current self as the most inspiring – the perfect visual compliment to Pepsi’s “Live For Now” brand mantra.