January 21st, 2013

UK Channel Sky Arts will broadcast the acclaimed podcast-turned-music program From The Basement over six weeks beginning January 12th, simultaneously airing in 3D on the Sky 3D channel.

From The Basement is what a music show should be: an intimate setting and a genuine performance.  The remarkable program strips on-screen performances of the usual distractions and promotional baggage – no tv show host, no audience – creating a respectful, comfortable environment for today’s finest artists to perform their music as it was intended.  The unique behind-the-scenes feel captures the true representation of the artist’s work – like peeking into a private jam session or rehearsal – making the experience between the artist and the viewer as intimate as possible.

From the Basement takes a radical approach to the world of on-screen music documentary with its groundbreaking visual and sound production, as is to be expected as the brainchild between “the sixth member of Radiohead” Producer Nigel Godrich and Creative Director/Producer Dilly Gent.  With Nigel’s brilliant ear and Gent’s revolutionary film production, the project redefines “stripped down” Unplugged programming by actually plugging in the viewer to the private performance.

Each show is an hour long with three musical guests, including sessions with The Shins, Feist, Foster the People, Moby, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Scissor Sisters.  Dilly Gent, known for her keen eye for emerging talent, felt that it was important for viewers to be introduced to newer artists like Thundercat, Shearwater or Willis Earl Beal alongside the powerhouse bands. “The excitement of witnessing the emerging artists perform is especially heightened in a situation such as the one that From The Basement provides, where the viewer can see the band in an intimate setting with the best technology and crew behind them.  It’s a chance to introduce these burgeoning talents to a new audience,” says Gent.

Director Vern Moen, known for meticulously documenting his subjects’ performances and antics in his signature on-the-road style, explains his “follow the music” approach for directing From the Basement: “The performance had to come first and I was just there to document what happened. I designed the space to feel intimate, so anybody watching would feel like they were the only one’s watching – maybe from a couch in the corner.”

Describing the 3D version, Moen explains how it adds to the immersive experience, “Of course, when you mention ‘3D,’ one instantly thinks of an in-your-face approach and fast-paced editing, and we wanted to go against that.  I think 3D is a valuable tool. And while I don’t think it should necessarily dictate the approach to a project, it can really push certain elements of filmmaking beyond what was once possible.  While there were some technical and logistical obstacles to overcome, this basically meant we pulled the audience into the space.  It literally gives the music another dimension.  The slower edits mean the viewer can get lost in the music and the moments in-between.”

The new series kicked off on SkyArts on January 12th with the Red Hot Chili Peppers performing their tenth studio album I’m With You, viewable in 2D in the US on Crackle.com.  As one of the artists to premiere the extraordinary project, RHCP’s Chad Smith concludes: “This is one of the best television shows for music, and it’s a real honor to be a part of it.”

Red Hot Chili Peppers 12th Jan

Scissor Sisters 19th Jan

Feist 26th Jan

Moby 2nd Feb

Foster the People 9th Feb

The Shins 16th Feb