Art as Activism: “Migration is Beautiful”

January 17th, 2013

U.S. Citizens, Non-Citizens, or simply just Art Lovers – we insist you watch the inspiring “Migration is Beautiful.”  The documentary is part of the Voice of Art web series from the individuality-promoting iamOTHER project created by Pharell Williams.  Black Dog Films, with Director Z.S. Grant, helps Voice of Art artists produce video campaigns to shine a light on their chosen social issue and show how art can be a catalyst for change in society.

“Migration is Beautiful” is a story narrated by the passionate Favianna Rodriguez, an artist and activist leading the movement to raise awareness about U.S. immigration issues. Using her own art as a tool for social change, Favianna adopts the Monarch Butterfly as a symbol of the beauty and dignity of immigrants. The film follows Favianna as she enlists fearless artists and activists to tell their own stories, also encouraging supporters to post an image of a butterfly on their social media networks, using art as a collective symbol to combat anti-immigration legislation.

Whatever your stance is, “Migration is Beautiful” isn’t simply political; it’s an inspiring cultural statement about the community using art as a weapon to fight back and make their voices heard.