BRAND NEW SCHOOL and Starbucks Give Mondays a Makeover

January 16th, 2013

Brand New School and AMV BBDO help Starbucks prove that “Mondays Can be Great” in this charming new spot for the UK.  The ad celebrates the oft-loathed weekday by taking the viewer through a brisk-paced history of the more joyous moments that happened on a Monday including the moon landing, Big Ben’s first gong, and the first UK cinema viewing. All good-natured evidence to banish Monday malaise with the addition of the £1.50 Latte promotion offered before 11:00 am on Mondays at Starbucks UK.

Taking us on the journey through history’s fun facts is the hero of the story: the classic Starbucks cup.  Creative Director Sean Dougherty and the Brand New School team brilliantly executed the stop-motion animation – and put our own ‘reuse/recycle’ attempts to shame – by relying solely on a palette of materials that actually exist in Starbucks.  Under the creative watch of ECD Jonathan Notaro, the BNS team conceptualized and storyboarded each vignette, then used their incredible team of fabricators to bring the cups to life on their new in-house stages with a combination of stop-motion, 2-D design and CG projection mapping.

With its detailed approach and seamless transitions, the result is a lively collection of cup-characters – ranging from Macbeth’s three witches to Space Invaders – that make even the most cynical Monday morning grump smile.