UBER’s MOLLY SCHIOT Plays with Her Food

December 13th, 2012

Uber Content’s Molly Schiot created the absolutely delicious visual companion to “Mikayla and Melissa” as part of the conceptual series Music for Sleeping Children. The collaborative project between internationally recognized visual artist Charlie White and producer extraordinaire Boom Bip marries in-depth interview recordings with teenaged girls to electro-pop beats. Each of the five songs is then brought to life with visuals created by different directors.

Molly sets Mikayla and Melissa’s innermost woes, fears and hopes to a stop-motion display of every kind of face-on-toast you could imagine.  By bringing the girls’ voices to life with a veritable buffet of sandwich components, she captures the adolescent voice with her signature brand of playful nostalgia and whimsy.

The adorable backdrop is the perfect accompaniment to the girl’s refreshingly innocent exchange.

“I never want to regret, like, not being weird.” Sandwich wisdom, ya’ll.