Saving Lives with THE WHITEHOUSE and Mini Vinnie

December 13th, 2012

If schools don’t teach children how to administer CPR, who will? Likely a brilliant instructional advert featuring mini hooligans and a disco classic.

The British Heart Foundation and London’s finest – Grey London, Director Steve Bendelack of Hungry Man and Whitehouse Post Editor Alaster Jordan – have created the next phase of the Hands Only CPR campaign aimed to educate kids on how to save a life in instances of cardiac arrest.

In “Mini Vinnie” – the follow-up to the original ad starring ex-footballer Vinnie Jones – the abbreviated gangsters prove that a child can save a life too, and coincidentally, that CPR should be instructed in schools. Since last year’s original ad debuted, it has been reported that 28 people in the UK have contacted the British Heart Foundation to reveal that their advice has helped save a life.  Even for mini tough guys or girls, the rules are the same: no reason to use your lips, just apply continuous “hard and fast” compressions on the victim’s chest, at the same tempo as the Bee Gees disco classic “Staying Alive,” until the paramedics arrive.

The team behind “Mini Vinnie” succeed in what few charities can accomplish in 40-seconds of air time – teaching potentially life saving technique while making you laugh.  Brilliant editing by The Whitehouse’s Alaster Jordan lodges that “Stayin’ Alive” beat into the heads of future lifesavers. Job well done, mates.

Get prepared while having a laugh and watch: