BRAND NEW SCHOOL is cooking up a Whole Foods Thanksgiving Dinner.

November 14th, 2012

Brand New School and Olson bring a cornucopia of holiday cheer in these two delightful Whole Foods spots. Each of the spots inspires that sweet holiday nostalgia through the folktales’ playful-yet-refined illustration created by Brand New School.

In “Bad Dog, Good Shrimp,” Brand New School created a plethora of canine characters before finally deciding on a French Bulldog as the species of choice. Channeling something akin to Veruca Salt, our tiny protagonist devours the turkey in one ballooning bite. Art Director Kris Wong explains that one of the challenges was to balance the folktale nature of the spots, while not becoming too cute or too young with the illustrations. “We were constantly trying to find clever ways to create a whimsical yet sophisticated cartoon.”

“It was Salty, They were Sweet,” a tale relayed in Beatnik iambic pentameter, takes us on the journey of a holiday lost and found. When most of the family graciously tries to hide their disgust over the meal, one beloved soul states, “It’s starting to congeal.” A flying turkey gives way to inventive transitions and rapturous applause. The visuals created by the Brand New School team bring this heartwarming folk story to life through the charming illustration of a familiar Thanksgiving family dinner.