FRIENDS OF RACONTEUR Director Ryan Patrick

October 9th, 2012

I don’t think anyone would be surprised if we said that the next big director is working on-staff at a production company right now. In fact, it’s become fairly commonplace for production companies to keep a farm system of ambitious young filmmakers. Playing in the minor leagues isn’t just about learning how to play the game; it’s also about learning how to handle yourself like a pro.

Meet Ryan Patrick – who like the video’s emerging producer, Brynne Copping – is part of the Über Content family. You may remember him from when he made the Cannes YDA Shortlist for his Cut Copy “Take Me Over” video. This time around, Ryan spins Steve Jobs’ childhood, wondering what Jobs’ life would be like if he never gotten into computers. Set to “Pretender” by Miike Snow (who love the video, by the way), the story begins with a feral Jobs adopted by a farming couple. Living on the farm, he becomes a cooking prodigy. But when destiny rears its head, Jobs is forced into the world of computing.

“The idea stemmed from reading Steve’s biography,” explains Ryan. “There was so much fascinating information in there about Steve’s eating habits. Eating carrots until he turned orange, frutitarianism, etc. I began to think that, if he wanted to, Steve could have been a cook and been damn good at it.”

Teressa Iezzi at Fast Co.Create threw the video some props, calling it “a dark, twisted fantasy.” Props indeed.

Also, take a look at the commissioned video directed by Paydirt’s Vern Moen.

Director: Ryan Patrick (
Producer: Brynne Copping
DP: Travis Labella

Steve: Christian Edsall
Girl: Valerie Suter
Mother: Kim Jindra
Father: Frankie Ray
Young Steve: Oliver Max
House Guests: Iris Karina, Chris Rayburn
Bartender: Tyler Tuione

Production Designer: Molly Burgess
Creature Designer: Katie Isaacson
Illustrator: Vicky Trola
Make-Up: Sommer Williams
1st AC: Wolf Kirchner

Editor: Chris Amos, Final Cut LA
Color: Tyler Roth, Company3 Chicago
Flame Artist: Cecil Hooker, Final Cut NY
Clean-Up: Mike Gonzales
Gaffer: John Mahoney
Key Grips: Justin Lesch, Rich Robles
Best Boy Electrics: Blake Paine, Jake Koenig
Grips: Ezra Raez, Rob Runyeon
Key PA: Kevin Chang
PAs: Karolyn Szot, Nate Greely, Letizia Ragusa

Very Special Thanks: Karen Gallagher, Preston Lee, Phyllis Koenig, Daniel De La Rosa
Special Thanks: Mark Wenzel, Michael Lane @ Monk Space, Nathan Matsuda, Max Pacman, Bruce Monach, Emily Rifkin, Erica Hart, Lauren Ruth